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About the Department

A) Department History
Our original purpose was meant to observe the most current trends, lead trends in popular sports culture, train professional sports performers and, educators, and elevate our graduates’ success in the job market. In 2006 we applied forto form a new department at the university, which passed in 2007 under the name “Department of Dynamic Performing Arts” (originally applied for as the “Department of Dynamic Culture”). FromIn 2013, the department was renamed as theto the Department of Sport Performing Arts to better serve its development situation.
(B) Our Aims
With recent developments in the cultural and creative industries in Taiwan, our department began to center its studies on the competitive sports and performance arts. Within the physical education curriculum, our department is the first professional department for the sports performance arts in Taiwan. Sports performing and performance sports are two of the unique aims of our department, which is intent on meeting the needs of athletic education and social arts. Our curriculum, built on the foundation of our professional faculty and core abilities, provides our students with diverse opportunities for study and secondary specialities, all of which help our students to better develop in the job market.
(C) Educational Vision and Goals
1. Educational Vision
(1) Establish awareness for the long-term development of our students and faculty. To make our students and faculty better able to apply their abilities in the real world, the department faculty holds occasional conferences and events (including annual performances, graduation performances, global exchanges and forums for more interaction), and holds joint discussions on incremental development goals. Out student -held meetings promote and plan implementation schedules in order to establish a consensus for team operations, and to strengthen the effectiveness of our faculty and students.
(2) Promote the humanities, health, and an international-perspective in our department. To comprehensively effect the goals of our department, we have planned primary goals and integrated them into our curriculum. We strive to produce students with a character based in athletics and the humanities; to produce healthy performing arts; to encourage students to participate in international and domestic performances and competitions; to promote global sports performance arts; to strengthen our students’ foreign language skills; and to produce exemplary leaders who are experienced in the job market.
2. Educational Goals
(1) Train professional performers for the sports performing arts.
(2) Train professional educators for the sports performing arts.
(D) Core Abilities To be capable in teamwork, innovation, professional ability in competition and performance, communication and expression, education and training, health management and, innovation in performance.

Office Contact
Office address: 4th Floor, Hong-Tang Building
No.101, Sec. 2, Jhongcheng Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 11153, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone +886-2-28718288 ext 6001~6002
Fax +886-2- 28716015